Upgrading/Replacing House Battery


Well finally got around to making good use of Santa's gift of a Group 27 deep cycle battery and built a nice new battery mount inside my engine comparment for it. Click on the images for a larger view.

The battery needed some charging it had sat for a while before being used finally but its a brand new battery so it can be expected.

The new battery platform was made entirely out of stainless steel along with the clampbar that holds it down. The J-Bolts holding the clampbar in place were made from roundbar that we threaded and then bent the ends of. The brackets were all mild-steel made from 1/4 inch plate and either bent to the shape needed or were cut and welded with an argon welder. All bolts are a minimum grade 5 are zinc coated and are held in place with zinc coated similar grade nyloc nuts. The new setup accomodates the group 27 battery comfortable and has room to spare in the chance later on that I may upgrade to a group 31 when the 27 has seen its travels. One of the big hurdles in this project was moving the bracket used to hold the bottle jack in place and remounting my jery-rigged wiper tank.

This wraps up most of my new projects for the time being, other than getting those new shocks, but those will be waiting till later after I get my A/C running.