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NEWS (01-17-2005)

Added my upgrade projects for the truck to the Projects area and also have added a new section called "Other Pullman campers Builds." luv2travelnow's current canopy conversion project is posted there.

This site is dedicated to those who have or are interested in creating a truck topper camper or are fans of them. For those that have never heard of these before, allow me to explain. A Truck Topper Camper is a camper made from your basic pickup truck canopy. It becomes a Truck Topper Camper when those of us who are dedicated enough decide that sleeping in a tent is not as comfortable as we'd like and either cannot afford, cannot carry, or cannot store a full-sized slide-in truck camper. The transformation can be found in many differnet degrees, from just adding some carpeting and a few small cabinets to the back, to transforming it into a portable retreat in the woods.

To Learn more about truck topper campers or other similar camper projects others have done, please use the menu to the right to browse the site. If you wish to have your own truck topper camper posted on this site, send an email to chi-ohki@anifics.com.


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